Insurance Claims

Roof Insurance Claims With USA Roofing

Step by Step Insurance Process

1) Contact Your Insurance Company and File Your Claim

Once it has been determined that the roof has significant storm damage and a claim should be filed, we are happy to assist with the claims process or you can Call the toll free number located on your homeowner’s policy to file your claim.

2) Schedule an appointment with the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster will normally call you to schedule a time to evaluate the reported damages. Schedule an appointment time that is convenient for the adjuster and we will try to work around our schedule to accommodate the appointment.  Please accept the following times:  Monday – Saturday between 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.   Write down the name and number of the adjuster so we can call them to reschedule if there are any scheduling conflicts.

3) Meeting with the Adjuster

Our representative will meet with the insurance adjuster for the inspection and together will evaluate the damages. We will also discuss the scope of work and details pertaining to the damage.

4) If approved, within the next few days, you should receive a scope of loss/statement and the 1st check.  Please make a copy of the complete statement for USA Roofing & Renovations, LLC

Call USA Roofing & Renovations, LLC once you receive the check and insurance statement scope of work to schedule an appointment to complete the work order for your new roof design, including shingles, colors and any upgrades or additional work. If the check is over a certain amount, the insurance company will add your mortgage company on the check and you will need to send the check to them to have it endorsed.The insurance company uses a 3rd party estimating system and will pay the fair market price to complete the repairs. We will review the insurance statement with the estimated pricing and scope of work and if there are any discrepancies we will contact the insurance company to have the estimate corrected and send any supplemental and documentation needed.   We do not provide an estimate unless the insurance company request one from us. We are level 2 certified with the Xactimate estimating software system which is used by the majority of insurance companies.  We use the Xactimate estimating system when working with an insurance claim so there are no pricing discrepancies and to make the process smoother.  

5) Upon completion of the work we will send a final invoice to the insurance company

We will send a final invoice to the insurance company, including the total charges for all of the work that we have performed and any supplemental that was not paid on the original scope of work. You should receive the final payment from the insurance company within 7-10 days from the time we invoice them.  Once you receive the final check call us to schedule a time to finalize the job.
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